H-1B Electronic registration process in the US starts March 1st

Continuing our series of information, today we are sharing important information and changes in the H-1B filing process for this season. At yesterday’s Ombudsman’s office webinar we learned the resources to comply with the new electronic registration process requirement for H-1B visas, including those for advanced degrees prospect employees.

A summary of key take aways would be, for employers, registrants, companies, there is the need to create a new account starting February 24th of 2020 (not before since the H-1B account possibility would not be displayed). For attorneys and representatives they can use their regular account or create one chosing the right option under myuscis account.

Starting noon March 1st, the registration process begins for prospect beneficiaries until March 20th noon time. Selected candidates will be welcome to apply for the H-1B visa once filing is open in April, and only those. Being selected does not guarantee the obtention of the H-1B but it certainly increases the possibilities of success.

You can check and download the official guides from USCIS web page links below. You can either do the registration without a representative or with one, in which case we could put you in contact with an immigration law firm in Miami that are experts with the labor certification process.

This registration process only costs $10 per beneficiary for the company plus representative fees in case of chosing one. We hope you find this information useful and feel free to share this post.




Disclaimer: This information is not intended as legal advice and is an orientation towards getting ready for changes in H-1B filing process.

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