Miami Food Distributor For Sale

warehouse distribution for food and beverage distribution inside. Confidential, business for sale but inventory not included,

The business is a food and beverage distributor located in Miami, Florida. For confidentiality reasons we only provide this inside picture

It specializes in distributing international and bulk products, including beverages, grains, frozen food, lard, cooking oils, condiments/spices, pork rinds, bacon, ham, cheese and an assortment of prepared salamis, Spanish sausages and a small selection of novelty items to some 100 customers throughout the south and southwest areas including, Miami Beach and Naples.

Customers include independent food stores and supermarkets and is currently expanding to cover larger supermarket chains.

The business has been operating for 12 years. Recently acquired.

  • Price $ 345,000 excluding inventory
  • Projected results 6/30/20: Sales $ 935,000
  • Ebitda $ 86,000
  • Actual Results – 6 months ended 6/30/18
  • Sales $ 314,031
  • Ebitda $ 36,541

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