Uberizing Real Estate Services in Spain

We just closed our last Design Thinking consultancy project in Spain, finished with the launch of https://inmoself.com the first Real Estate posting Site that verifies properties and profiles in Spain in order for international clients and expats to conduct a safe online real estate transaction. This ambitous project is launching the first Uber of RealContinue reading “Uberizing Real Estate Services in Spain”

New tool! ONLINE Business search

Tool #1 free business search, you can taylor your search by industry, size, area, and other characteristics.

Tool #2 subscribe to our weekly business search with your desired business search parameters to be updated for new opportunities for sale.

Business Brokers of Florida BBF MLS and Coronavirus

Announcement: Autocarta Real Estate USA has recently joined BBF MLS, the most efficient and largest Business for Sale MLS in the US located and specialized in Florida. According to health recommendations we will work remotely for the next weeks. We are working to implement an embedd the BBF search tool into our website, making itContinue reading “Business Brokers of Florida BBF MLS and Coronavirus”

H-1B Electronic registration process in the US starts March 1st

Continuing our series of information, today we are sharing important information and changes in the H-1B filing process for this season. At yesterday’s Ombudsman’s office webinar we learned the resources to comply with the new electronic registration process requirement for H-1B visas, including those for advanced degrees prospect employees. A summary of key take awaysContinue reading “H-1B Electronic registration process in the US starts March 1st”

Learn best practices on Filing USCIS forms webinar February 13th

We wanted to share this learning opportunity next week. #bestpractices on filing #uscis Forms. Has your company ever been confused and lacked the information or knowledge? Knowledge is power and we hope that this resource helps our clients and enlightens this step or possibility of increasing your employee options or your talent acquisition. How toContinue reading “Learn best practices on Filing USCIS forms webinar February 13th”

Project Spanish Gourmet Shops

Under the supervision of our paralegal Bettina Charron, and using our International Business Consultancy Service we are on the verge of launching Spanish Gourmet Shops online this February of 2020. This Spanish food oriented business mission is to share and educate consumers about the delicious tastes of high quality iberico products and specially featuring ibericoContinue reading “Project Spanish Gourmet Shops”

Orlando – Sand Lake Land & Company for Sale

We are proud to announce that we have just signed the exclusivity with a company to list the full company that owns around 1,9 acres of land in Orlando. The company ownership would be open to a partnership in the business to construct and lease or manage a P.O. (Professional Office) building or an ExtendedContinue reading “Orlando – Sand Lake Land & Company for Sale”