Florida Business Owner: Need a partner or a change in your business?

Sometimes you feel overwhelmed with different management responsibilities. Sometimes life changes and you decide to change industry, or move to another State. Sometimes you just want to retire and cash in your business. It’s December, maybe a good time to think about your next goals in your business or in life for the coming year.

If you are in Central Florida, for all these situations we have a solution for you. Some of our clients are investors that can partner up with you letting you keep the management, or can potentially acquire your company. Our Florida investors are interested in the range from $1M up to $15M in various industries offering the advantages of economies of scale in corporate services.

Let us help you with the change, you don’t have to deal with it alone. Focus on your new life project while we take care on organizing your needs. Contact us at contact@globalbusinessadvisors.net for a free consultation on our services.

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